About Us

Our Story

Ten years ago Wayan Karsa and some friendly ex-pats created Karsa Spa in the rice fields in his village of Bangkiang Sidem on the outskirts of Ubud. The beautiful Campuhan ridge trail leads to Karsa Spa. Due to the fantastic body work and beautiful family of staff Karsa Spa became popular immediately, and is still one of Bali’s most beautiful and sought after spa experiences.

The original crew and trainers at Karsa have helped us create a stunning new spa space overlooking the River Wos, just outside the village. Here we continue our work of amazing quality massages, holistic healing intention and fabulous, friendly service.

With lush green jungle views and pristine, creative rooms meandering down to the river, your soul is stirred and wellbeing ensured at Green Tara.

Our prayer for all living things……

may you be happy
may you be healthy
may you live in peace